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The MULTI-MASTER's unique threaded connection is widely applied for side milling applications.

  • Huge variety of shank lengths and shank materials
  • Unique widths and diameters for circle clips according to DIN471/472 and ANSI B27.7M
  • Recommended line for o-rings and retaining rings
  • Unique lines for tube sheets of heat exchangers
  • Round, straight and chamfered slot shapes

 Operation capability:

MULTI-MASTER slotting heads: MM TS

Diameter range:
Metric: 12.7 - 25 mm
Imperial: 0.5-1.00"

Width range:
Metric: .1.57 - 8 mm
Imperial: .062-.315"

Depth of cut:
Metric: 2.25 - 6 mm
Imperial: .062 - .236"

MULTI-MASTER slotting heads: MM GRIT

Diameter range:
Metric:16 - 28 mm
Imperial: .618 - 1.08"

Width range:
Metric: 0.76 - 10 mm
Imperial: .03 - .393"

Depth of cut:
Metric: 2.8 - 6 mm
Imperial: .110 - .236"

  • IC328
  • IC928
  • IC528

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For more information about the MM GRIT line, click here.
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